DRAM Requirements for Streaming

Browser Specifications:

DRAM is designed to be compatible with the following browsers:


Media Player Specifications:

QuickTime 6.5.2 or later is the preferred player for DRAM streaming media.

If you do not already have QuickTime installed, you may download it free from Apple. Windows users click here to select the most current version for your operating system.

While you may be able to stream DRAM media using Windows Media Player or Real, display issues and/or performance interruptions may occur if an application other than QuickTime is used to listen to music files. If QuickTime is installed on your system but is not set as the default application handler for files of extension type *.smil, you will need to alter your preferences to effect this change.

Windows Users

To set QuickTime as the default handler for smil files, you will need to access the default setting in within your Windows Folder Options (found under Control Panel in Windows XP and/or Settings in earlier iterations of the OS). From the list of extensions, you will need to locate file extensions *.smil and *.sml and specify QuickTime the default application handler for files of that type.

Internet Connections

As with any streaming media, DRAM works best on high-speed networks. Our music files are of high quality (192kbps/MP4) and we do not guarantee a good listening experience with lower-speed connections such as 56K modems.

Additionally, DRAM runs over port 554 - your network must allow access to this port in order for DRAM to stream correctly.