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Annea Lockwood Jon Gibson, didjeridu; J. D. Parran, contrabass clarinet; Annea Lockwood, voice; Art Baron, conch shell; Art Baron, trombone; Art Baron, didjeridu; N, Scott Robinson, pod rattle; Michael Pugliese, clapping sticks; John Snyder, waterphone; Libby Van Cleve, English horn; Libby Van Cleve, oboe; N, Scott Robinson, conch shell; John Snyder, didjeridu; N, Scott Robinson, tam-tam; Peter Zummo, didjeridu; N, Scott Robinson, frame drums; J. D. Parran, clarinet; Michael Pugliese, tam-tam; Peter Zummo, trombone; Charles Wood, tam-tam; Charles Wood, stones play
73 Poems Joan La Barbara Joan La Barbara, voice play
A Disparate Suite Donald Barthelme Bonnie Barnett, voice; Elliot Humberto Kavee, drums; Evan Gallagher, piano; Daniel Goode, clarinet; Ken Filiano, bass; David Watson, electric guitar play
Aethelred The Unready, An Opera in Seven Scenes Richard Wilson Thea Tullman, soprano; Matthew Gold, percussion; Jonathan Goodman, tenor; Dorothy Lawson, cello; Andrew Childs, tenor; Richard Wilson, Conductor; Blanca Uribe, piano; Rolf Schulte, violin; Curtis Streetman, bass; Elizabeth Weigle, soprano; Robert Osborne, bass-baritone; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Paul Hostetter, percussion; Drew Minter, voice play
After Long Silence Nathan Douds Nathan Douds Ensemble; Nathan Douds, percussion; Jason Kush, saxophone; Jason Kush, clarinet; Justin Endler, voice; Justin Endler, alto saxophone; Justin Endler, laptop; Dan Murphy, piano; Daniel Bruce, guitar; Kurt Kotheimer, bass play
All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis Morton Subotnick Amy Knoles, percussion; Gene Youngblood, voice; Gloria Cheng, keyboard; California E.A.R. Unit; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, cello; Dorothy Stone, flute; Morton Subotnick, voice; Joan La Barbara, voice play
Alone, Together, Apart Thomas Buckner Thomas Buckner, voice; Jerome Cooper, percussion play
An Innocent, Abroad Al Margolis Jacqueline Martelle, flute; Al Margolis, electronics; Jane Rigler, flute; Lisa Barnard, voice play
Analogue Smoque Tom Hamilton Tom Hamilton, sounds; Mike Silverton, voice; Al Margolis, sounds play
Ancient Voices of Children George Crumb Marcantonio Barone, electric piano; David Crumb, mandolin; Marcantonio Barone, toy piano; Derek Yale, voice; Kenneth Miller, percussion; Sophie Labiner, harp; Orchestra 2001; Marcantonio Barone, piano; Patrick Mercuri, mandolin; James Freeman, Conductor; Dorothy Freeman, harmonica; Dorothy Freeman, oboe; William Kerrigan, percussion; Susan Jones, percussion; Lori Barnet, musical saw; Barbara Ann Martin, soprano; David Crumb, voice; Noël Bisson, voice; Orchestra 2001; Barbara Ann Martin play
Angels A miracle play for singers, actors and instruments William Ferris Composer Festival Orchestra; Dexter Bailey, organ; Sunny Joy Langton, soprano, "Eve and Mary"; William Griffel, voice, "Adam"; Eddie Arruza, "Archangel Raphael"; John Vorrasi, voice, "Archangels Michael, Uriel and Gabriel"; Bruce Hall, baritone, "Lucifer and the Snake"; Susan Wolz, "The Heavenly Voice"; William Ferris Chorale; Thomas Weisflog, organ play
Antony and Cleopatra Samuel Barber Philip Skinner, "Soothsayer"; Dale Stine, "Alexas"; Kent Weaver, "Thidias"; David Dik, voice; David Hickox, voice; Rob Phillips, voice; Alan Arak, voice; Kent Weaver, voice; Robert Swensen, voice; Christian Badea, Music Director; David Hamilton, "Dolabella"; Ian Clark, "Senator"; Alan Arak, "Second Soldier"; Steven Cole, "Messenger"; Mark Cleveland, "Maecenas"; David Dik, "Guardsman"; Rob Phillips, "First Soldier"; Robert Swensen, "First Guard"; David Hickox, "Eros"; Dale Stine, voice; Philip Skinner, voice; Westminster Choir; Spoleto Festival Orchestra; Christian Badea, Conductor; Charles Damsel, "Agrippa"; Eric Halfvarson; Jeffrey Wells; Esther Hinds, soprano; David Hamilton, voice; Kathryn Cowdrick; Steven Cole, voice; Jane Bunnell; Robert Grayson, tenor; Charles Damsel, voice; Mark Cleveland, voice; Ian Clark, voice play
Apocalypse Alice Shields Alice Shields, voice; Michael Willson, voice; Jim Matus, electric guitar; Alice Shields, synthesizer; Alice Shields, keyboard play
April 15th Blues Ben Yarmolinsky Elaine Valby, voice; Randall Scarlata, voice; Eva Gruesser, violin; Michael Finckel, cello; Ken Merrill, piano; Steve Machamer, percussion play
The Aquarium Connie Beckley Connie Beckley, electronics; Connie Beckley, voice play
Are You Experienced? David Lang Andre Moisan, bass clarinet; David Lang, voice; Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne; Brian Bacon, viola; Rene Gosselin, bass; Christine Giguere, cello; Jacques Drouin, synthesizer; Jacques Drouin, piano; Alain Trudel, trombone; Lise Bouchard, trumpet; Francis Ouellet, horn; Normand Forget, oboe; Guy Pelletier, flute; Guy Pelletier, piccolo; Julien Gregoire, percussion; Michel Bettez, bassoon; Tim Brady, electric guitar; Jay Rozen, electric tuba; David Lang, narrator; Lorraine Vaillancourt, Conductor play
At The Corner of The Sky Poems of North American Indians Leo Smit Frederick Burgomaster, Conductor; Henrik Svitzer, flute; Nora Post, oboe; Men and Boys Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral; Leo Smit, voice play
Audubon Carver Blanchard Carver Blanchard, lute; Carver Blanchard, voice play
The Authors Stuart Saunders Smith Lee Hinkle, marimba; Lee Hinkle, voice play
Before Night Falls Jorge Martín Fort Worth Opera; Joseph Illick, Conductor; Wes Mason, voice; Jonathan Blalock, voice; Javier Abreu, voice; Janice Hall, voice; Seth Mease Carico, voice; Jesus Garcia, voice; Courtney Ross, voice play
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