Carrier Band - Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody


Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody was performed live at Woodruff Art Center, Atlanta Georgia at the invitation of the Video Arts Department at Atlanta College of Art , April 16, 2000 in quadraphonic sound.

Carrier Band was formed in 1998 when Pauline Oliveros, Peer Bode and Andrew Deutsch performed 3 improvisations at Alfred University and later released the CD Carrier on the Deep Listening label (DL Cd # 8). Since then, the group has performed several concerts each including a guest performer. For the Atlanta concert, violinist and experimental composer Dick Robinson joined the group at Pauline's invitation. He and Pauline performed the world premier of Chaos and Difference (trk. 2} a piece which features Dick playing his Chaos Box and Pauline premiering her Difference Box both designed and constructed by Tim Adams of Red Neck Tech, Atlanta Georgia. Pauline and Dick met in 1966 at a summer course in Electronic Music taught by the late Hugh LeCaine. Their friendship was renewed in Atlanta in the Spring of 2000 when Pauline taught at Agnes Scott College for a semester. Dick demonstrated his Chaos box to Pauline and then introduced her to Tim Adams. The Difference Box was fabricated for Pauline after the method she used to make her early electronic music in the sixties. The title piece Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody (trk. 1) is a trio improvisation by Carrier Band based on quotes written in the technical notebooks (1934-1949) of pioneering electronic instrument developer Harald Bode. The piece weaves words and phrases excerpted from the note­books spoken and vocoded by Peer Bode through the Bode Vocoder. The vocoder transfers' speech onto pitched sounds and the VOICE releases the CAR­RIER sounds. These texts, along with Pauline's electronic sounds created on her Difference Box were mixed with loops and excerpts of Harald Bode's demo tapes and synthesized sounds constructed by Deutsch. The LFO drone heard at the beginning was Pauline's entrance into the piece. Earth Orbit (trk. 3) is a quartet improvisations which Dick described as being the most fun he's ever had performing loops and text from Harald Bode's notebooks were once again used along with data sets generated by Deutsch. We have included a selection from the sound check, as it included several wonderful and inspired moments. The concert also included video projections by Peer Bode (trk. 1.) and computer animations projected by Maurice Clifford, (trk.2.).

Dick Robinson "It was an honor and privilege to perform with the illustrious Carrier group and to renew my too-long interrupted friendship with Pauline Oliveros. I am amazed at how natural it seemed moving my sounds around in the incredibly rich and diverse sonic atmosphere created by these gifted and skillful musicians. Thanks Andrew, Peer and Pauline."

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