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Rights Not Yet Cleared Message

DRAM is clearing the rights for some materials, which are marked in the database. We are committed to providing these materials. If you need a particular track for instructional purposes and the rights are not yet cleared, please contact us and we will find an interim solution.


Using DRAM - Streaming Performance Issues

In response to user feedback, in February 2014 DRAM implemented an HTML5 player. While the new player was successfully tested across most popular operating systems & browsers prior to launch, we are continuing to refine its performance based on "real world" experience.

Most streaming issues reported to date have been in Internet Explorer on the Windows platform. Some users have found updating the version of the Shockwave Flash plugin used by IE resolves the problem. Internally, we have experienced consistently good results with Shockwave Flash version We have also discovered the "Compatibility View Settings" (also listed under IE's Settings menu) can interfere with streaming, if "on" when using DRAM.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find an ideal resolution for problems reported with IE versions 8 & 9. We are contining to work on this compatibility issue, and anticipate a solution by mid-March. For those for whom upgrading IE is an option, installing version 10 or 11 does typically eliminate the problem.

The Safari browser is not recommended for use with DRAM on the Windows platform. Though media files will load and play, the audio quality is notably inferior. We do hope to improve DRAM's performance under this configuration, but as support for Safari on the Windows platform is marginal at this time we simply recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or IE (versions 10 or 11) as an alternative.