Chas Smith: Aluminum Overcast


Chas Smith

Aluminum Overcast

1. Uncovered the Nest (7:59)

Copper Box, Adkins, Bass Tweed, flutes

2. Gate 5 (5:24)

Copper Box, flute, pedal steel guitar

3. A Wasp on Her Abdomen (7:01)

Copper Box, Mantis, Majestic

4. Rubric of Green (6:10)

Copper Box, Mantis, voices, flutes

5. Aluminum Overcast (8:38)

Copper Box, Junior Blue, flute, pedal steel guitar

6. Nachthexen (14:54)

Copper Box, Mantis, DADO, Bass Tweed, voices, winds, cello, Guitarzilla


Chas Smith, most instruments listed

Ojá Fin, voice

Anon, flute & cello

Reseda Women's Choir, voices

Reseda Wind Ensemble, flutes

All selections composed by Chas Smith.

All instruments, except flute and cello, designed and fabricated by Chas Smith.

The Majestic was a 38' x 10' x 2' section of truss structure made for the film of the same name, to hold up the theater marquee on location. It was fabricated by Chas Smith, Alberto Miyares, Sam Dean, and Steve Salazar.

Producer/Goddess: Laura Steele

Photography: Debra DiPaolo

Design: Scott Ford

All selections recorded at Tijuana Donkey Show Studios, Encino, California

Mastered by Joe Gastwirt, Ocean View Digital Mastering

All compositions © 2001 Chas Smith, Encino, CA

Palindrome Publishing Co. BMI

p© 2001 Cold Blue Music. All rights reserved.

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