Dancing on Water


Dancing on Water: Marty Walker, clarinets

  1. Michael Jon Fink: As Is Thought/Aurora (5:04)

Marty Walker, bass clarinet;

Susan Allen, harp;

David Johnson, vibraphone.

  1. Daniel Lentz: Song(s) of the Sirens (7:02)

Amy Knoles, voice;

Marty Walker, clarinet;

Bryan Pezzone, piano.

  1. Jim Fox: Among Simple Shadows (6:03)

Marty Walker, bass clarinet;

Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet;

Bryan Pezzone, piano.

Peter Garland: Dancing on Water

  1. Dancing on Water (3:16)

  2. Moonlight (4:34)

Marty Walker, clarinet;

William Winant and David Johnson, marimba.

  1. Michael Byron: Elegant Detours (13:25)

Marty Walker, bass clarinet

Rick Cox: On Tuesday

  1. 5:02

  2. 0:57

  3. 2:40

  4. 2:37

Marty Walker, bass clarinet;

Rick Cox, contra-alto clarinet

Produced by Marty Walker and Jim Fox.

All pieces recorded and mixed by Scott Fraser, Architecture, Los Angeles, December 2000-March 2001.

Mastered by Kevin Gray, Future Disc, Los Angeles, CA.

Amy Knoles appears courtesy of Echograph Records.

All composition copyrights retained by their respective composers.

Design by Tom Recchion and Jim Fox.

Cover photo © 2000 Wayne P. Armstrong [Owens (dry) Lake, California, red brine teeming with halobacteria that produce a red carotenoid pigment.]

CD ©& p 2001 Cold Blue Music. All rights reserved.

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