Jon Appleton Archive, Vol. 10: 1983-1984

Album Title: Jon Appleton Vol. 10 1983-1984

Track 1 - Interview

NPR interview for "Totally Wired", 1983.

Track 1 - Boum sha boom

Bregman Electronic Music Studio. Source material 1950s American pop music with voices of Colette Gaudin and the composer.

Track 2 - Kamuela (Return to Waimea)

Bregman Electronic Music Studio, Source material is choral selections from the composer's opera "The Lament of Kamuela." Choir conducted by Melinda O'Neal.

Track 3 - Interview
WBUR Boston, 1984.
Track 4 - Degitaru Ongaku

Synclavier Concert, Lionel Hampton School of Music, University of Idaho, March 18, 1986.