Michael Jon Fink: I Hear it in the Rain


Michael Jon Fink: I Hear It in the Rain

1-5 Five Pieces for Piano

Passing (2:08)

Mode (1:42)

Fragment (1:31)

Echo (1:56)

Epitaph (2:21)

6 For Celesta (5:44)

7-8 Two Preludes for Piano

Image (2:11)

Wordless (3:04)

Tracks 1-8:

Bryan Pezzone, piano and celesta

Recorded and mixed by Scott Fraser, O'Henry Sound Studios, Burbank, CA,

November 2000.

9 Living to be Hunted by the Moon (19:40)

Marty Walker, clarinet and bass clarinet

Michael Jon Fink, samples

Recorded and mixed by Chas Smith and Jim Fox, TDS Studios, Encino, CA,

and The Room, Los Angeles, January 1988.

10 I Hear It in the Rain (9:15)

Rick Cox, electric guitar, glass guitar, sponge guitar

Michael Jon Fink, electric bass, and electronic keyboard

Dan Morris, percussion

Recorded by Jim Fox, The Room, Venice, CA; edited by Miriam Kolar, Culver City, CA; mixed by Scott Fraser, Architecture, Los Angeles, March 2001.

CD produced by Michael Jon Fink, Marty Walker, and Jim Fox.

All compositions copyright 1985-2000 Michael Jon Fink,

Deathless Moon Music (BMI).

Mastered by Kevin Gray, Future Disc, Los Angeles, CA.

Design by Tom Recchion.

Photographs by Jim Fox.

CD ©& p 2001 Cold Blue Music. All rights reserved.

Cold Blue Music, P.O. Box 2938, Venice, CA 90294-2938