Ulrich Krieger: 23 Up and Down

up & down 23


performed by ulrich krieger, soprano saxophone [x4]


recorded @ TT farm, berlin, germany, january 2005

digital editing @ ww studios, berlin, germany, april 2005

by marcus waibel, ulrich krieger


thanks to: tobias, reimar, martin, chiyoko, werner, antoine, radu, tim and lawrence


this release is dedicated to: wolfgang stre (2005)


up & down 23 can be played at any volume. extremes will yield best results.  the piece unveils very distinct characters being played either soft or loud.  if played softi, it is a sort of "just intonation" ambient music.  if played loud, a whole world of difference tones and combination tones, will make your head buzz and spin with psycho-acoustics.  further, listening experience will vary greatly depending upon, if listened with headphones or over loudspeakers (- then again depending on your speakers and specially your position to them).

this is instrumental electronic music.