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Skirl Records is an artist-run collective that highlights what is known as the "New Brooklyn Scene", which is exemplified by a fusion of jazz, electronic music, contemporary composition and avant-rock.  Musicians such as label head Chris Speed, saxophonist Andrew D'Angelo, drummer Jim Black, and guitarist Mary Halvorson create energetic and genre-challenging music on this small and highly independent label. 

Suggested Listening

Hilmar Jennson
Tyft: Meg Nem Sa

Andrew D'Angelo
Human Feel: Galore

Mary Halvorson
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone: On and Off

Recently Added Albums

Chris Speed
Chris Speed: Really OK

Leah Paul
Leah Paul: Bike Lane

Chris Speed
Endangered Blood: Work Your Magic

Travis LaPlante
Travis LaPlante: Heart Protector

Giacinto Scelsi
Anthony Burr

Ben Holmes
Ben Holmes Quartet: Anvil of the Lord