Ultrasounds: George Lewis

Ultrasounds: George Lewis

Works Performed or Excerpted:

1.       “A Radio Portrait” -  George Lewis, trombone, electronics and tape


George Lewis


George Lewis is the Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music at Columbia University. The recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship in 2002, an Alpert Award in the Arts in 1999, and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Lewis studied composition with Muhal Richard Abrams at the AACM School of Music, and trombone with Dean Hey. A member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) since 1971, Lewis's work as composer, improvisor, performer and interpreter explores electronic and computer music, computer-based multimedia installations, text-sound works, and notated and improvisative forms, and is documented on more than 140 recordings. His oral history is archived in Yale University’s collection of “Major Figures in American Music,” and his compositions and installations have been presented by the American Composers Orchestra, Dinosaur Annex, Wet Ink, the Turning Point Ensemble, Ensemble Erik Satie, Works and Process, the S.E.M. Ensemble, the NOW Orchestra, Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, and others, with commissions from the 2010 Vancouver Cultural Olympiad, OPUS (Paris), IRCAM, Musee des Sciences et des Industries La Villette, Harvestworks, Studio Museum in Harlem, the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, and others. His widely acclaimed book, A Power Stronger Than Itself: The AACM and American Experimental Music (University of Chicago Press, 2008) is a recipient of the 2009 American Book Award.


George Lewis on the Experimental Intermedia Series


“You have to remember that when you go to Experimental Intermedia, you're going to Phill’s house, not to a “venue” where people lock the doors at night and go home. Once you got to know Phill he would invite you to stay after the event, sometimes till 2 or 3 am.  He can (and did) cook, and the wine was flowing.  He would play his music and films, and people talked about all kinds of things. It was an essential part of my education. 

Nowadays I can see that young artists continue to follow him around like little ducklings—makes perfect sense to me.”

--George Lewis, in conversation with Bernard Gendron

George Lewis in DRAM


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