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Austrian composer and trombonist Radu Malfatti writes music that strips away the edifice of the composer and leaves what can, somewhat naively, be described as a purity of sound and silence.  His music is a form of architecture to the ear, dealing with the basic building blocks of form, material, and structure in interesting new ways.  

Malfatti works with these elements in a series of pieces that are featured on his own label, b-boim records, which DRAM proudly presents as one of its newest collections.  The works by Malfatti and some like-minded composers and collaborators, such as Jürg Frey and Michael Pisaro are intense studies in the construction of musical work through the confrontation of organized sound and the relative disorganization of silence in performance.  The easiest connection to make is to the composition of John Cage and Morton Feldman, Erik Satie and Thelonious Monk, but these works take that aesthetic to a new extreme. 

Suggested Listening

Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti: Kid Ailack 5

Jürg Frey
Jürg Frey: Landschaft mit Wörtern

Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti and Lucio Capece: Berlinerstrasse 20

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Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti: ruten

Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti: darenootodesuka

Radu Malfatti
guerreiro/malfatti/rodrigues: shimosaki

Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti: shizuka ni furu ame

Bruno Duplant
Bruno Duplant: Places and Fields

Radu Malfatti
Radu Malfatti: hitsudan