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San Diego based label Henceforth Records features music made by "some of today’s most vital artists whose vision crosses the boundaries and expands definitions of contemporary classical, improvised, electronic and experimental music." Curated by Bonnie Wright, long a fixture in the San Diego musical community, Henceforth claims the following as their philosophy, "While we love virtuosity, we don’t love it for its own sake. From the beginning of time, music has carried a message and we want to continue to carry that forward. Hence, the name, Henceforth: from now on. While the music we find important may not always be soothing, we hope it is a conduit for candor."

Henceforth's small catalog provides an insight to a dizzying array of contemporary composed and improvised music, featuring upstarts like the Dither quartet alongside scene stalwarts like Elliott Sharp and Lisle Ellis.

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