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Kui Dong
Kui Dong/Larry Polansky/Christian Wolff: Trio
albums (10) works (3) tracks (77)
title composer artists/ensemble play
Carla Kihlstedt/Satoko Fujii: Minamo Satoko Fujii Satoko Fujii, piano; Carla Kihlstedt, violin play
Dither Lainie Fefferman Taylor Levine, electric guitar; David Linaburg, electric guitar; Joshua Lopes, electric guitar; James Moore, electric guitar play
Elliott Sharp: Binibon Elliott Sharp Elliott Sharp, guitars; Elliott Sharp, saxophones; Elliott Sharp, bass; Elliott Sharp, synthesizer; Elliott Sharp, clarinets; Elliott Sharp, percussion; Elliott Sharp, programming; Jedadiah Schultz, voice; Jack Womack, voice; Sonya Perryman, voice; Ryan Quinn, voice; Queen Esther, voice play
Gustavo Aguilar: Unsettled on an Old Sense of Place Gustavo Aguilar Gustavo Aguilar, teponaztli; Gustavo Aguilar, flute; Gustavo Aguilar, electronics; Phil Curtis, electronic processing; Nina Eidsheim, voice; Anne LeBaron, prepared harp; Mary Oliver, viola; Gustavo Aguilar, electric guitar; Gustavo Aguilar, dulcimer; Gustavo Aguilar, whistles; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Alan Lechusza, woodwinds; Gustavo Aguilar, snare drum; Gustavo Aguilar, live electronics; Gustavo Aguilar, glockenspiel; Steven Schick, voice play
Kui Dong/Larry Polansky/Christian Wolff: Trio Kui Dong Kui Dong, piano; Christian Wolff, piano; Larry Polansky, guitar; Larry Polansky, mandolin play
Lisle Ellis: Sucker Punch Requiem An Homgage to Jean-Michel Basquiat Lisle Ellis Pamela Z, voice; Pamela Z, electronics; Holly Hofmann, flute; Oliver Lake, saxophones; George Lewis, trombone; Mike Wofford, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass; Lisle Ellis, electronics; Susie Ibarra, drums; Susie Ibarra, percussion play
Mike Olsen: Incidental Mike Olsen Ruth MacKenzie, voice; Gary Schulte, violin; Christian Zamora, violin; Michelle Kinney, cello; Jacqueline Ultan, cello; Anthony Cox, electric bass; Anthony Cox, bass; Tome Kehoe, flutes; David Edminster, bassoon; David Edminster, tenor saxophone; John Devine, soprano saxophone; John Devine, tenor saxophone; Pat O'Keefe, alto saxophone; Pat O'Keefe, bass clarinet; Bill Lang, tenor saxophone; Jon Pemberton, trumpet; Steve Sandberg, trombone; Dean Granros, electric guitar; Steve Tibbetts, electric guitar; Steve Tibbetts, acoustic guitar; Heather Barringer, percussion; Kevin Washington, drums; Mike Olsen, synthesizer; Mike Olsen, Fender-Rhodes piano play
Sound on Survival: Live Lisle Ellis Lisle Ellis, bass; Marco Eneidi, saxophone; Peter Valsamis, drums play
The Skein: Cities and Eyes Andrea Parkins Andrea Parkins, electric accordion; Andrea Parkins, effects; Andrea Parkins, samples; Andrea Parkins, electronic processing; Andrea Parkins, synthesizer; Andrea Parkins, piano; Andrea Parkins, voice; Jessica Constable, voice; Jessica Constable, electronics play
Toca Loca: Shed Dai Fujikura Simon Docking, piano; Gregory Oh, piano; Toca Loca; Aiyun Huang, percussion; Max Christie, clarinet; Mary-Katherine Finch, cello; Gabriel Radford, French horn; Stephen Tam, flute; Fernando Rocha, percussion play
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