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Lovely Music was founded by Mimi Johnson in 1978. Originally only releasing early operas by Johnson’s husband, Robert Ashley, Lovely has become one of the longest-active labels exclusively for new and experimental composition. Besides Ashley, Lovely has released multiple recordings by other such leading American experimentalists as Alvin Lucier, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, Eliane Radigue, David Tudor and Annea Lockwood. From Ashley’s dramatic reworking of the operatic form to Lucier’s groundbreaking work with acoustic space, Lovely has consistently been at the forefront of post minimalist composition.

Suggested Listening

Alvin Lucier
Alvin Lucier: Still Lives

David Tudor
David Tudor: Three Works for Live Electronics

Robert Ashley
Robert Ashley: Automatic Writing

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Robert Ashley
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Robert Ashley
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Annea Lockwood
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Robert Ashley
Robert Ashley: Now Eleanor's Idea

John Cage
John Cage: Music of Changes

Alvin Lucier
Alvin Lucier: Clocker