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Tompkins Square Records is the creation of San Francisco's Josh Rosenthal. Since 2007, Josh and TSQ have been championing the lost music of America, not only literally by reissuing such forgotten masters as Max Ochs and Charlie Louvin, but by giving a place for new voices in American musical forms to be heard. Recordings from fingerstyle guitarists such as James Blackshaw sit aside archival recordings of Mark Fosson and new work from established free jazz masters such as Ran Blake and Charles Gayle. Rosenthal has combined these recordings with a number of epic compilations of lost music on 78 rpm records like Ian Nagoski's "To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916-1929" to create a strange and wonderful portrait of the quiet dark corners of American musical history.

Suggested Listening

Yusuf al-Manyalawi
To What Strange Place

James Blackshaw
James Blackshaw: Litany Of Echoes

Stanley Carter
I'm Going Down To North Carolina: The Complete Recordings Of The Red Fox Chasers (1923-1931)

Fire In My Bones

Recently Added Albums

The Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble
The Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble: Ceremony of Dreams: Studio Sessions and Outtakes 1972-1977

Harvey Mandel
Harvey Mandel: Snake Pit

Richard Crandell
Richard Crandell: Then and Now

Perry Lederman
Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press

Michael Chapman
Michael Chapman: Fish

John Hulburt
John Hulbert: Opus III