Cover for Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press
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Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press

Tompkins Square

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play One Kind Favor 1:54 Perry Lederman    
Perry Lederman, guitar

play Snow Queen 3:26 John Lowrie; Ron Keithe    
play Obadiah 5:34 Michael Kleniec    
Michael Kleniec, guitar

play Where The Pinery Narrows 5:25 Lee Murdock    
Lee Murdock, guitar

play White Pines 5:52 Tom Armstrong    
Tom Armstrong, guitar

play Raga 6:06 Joe Bethancourt    
Joe Bethancourt, guitar

play The Presence 4:43 Kip Dobler    
Kip Dobler, guitar

play Wen Also Found 7:26 Herb Moore    
Herb Moore, guitar

play That Spanish Thing 3:14 Nancy Tucker    
Nancy Tucker, guitar

play The Diamond Cutter 3:30 Larry Conklin    
play Missy Christa 3:59 Rick Dietrick    
Rick Dietrick, guitar

play The Secrete Forces of Nature 7:40 Gary Salzman    
Gary Salzman, guitar

play Prayer Blessing 6:05 Stan Samole    
Stan Samole, guitar

play Blue Wind Boy 2:13 Russell Potter    
Russell Potter, guitar