Jon Appleton Archive, Vol. 2: 1966-1969

Album Title: Jon Appleton Vol. 2 1966-1969
Track 1 - Georganna's fancy

Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.

Track 2 - Spuyten Duyvil

Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center.

Track 3The American Songs for Tenor and Piano

Arrangement of voice and piano composition. Composed in Eugene, Oregon.  Earnest Murphy, tenor and Jon Appleton, piano.

Track 4Chef's d'oeuvre

First electronic music composition in the Griffith Electronic Music Studio. The most well-known of all the composer's works.

Track 5Nyckelharpen Variations

Bregman Electronic Music Studio. Source material from Norwegian "keyed fiddle" called the Nyckelharpa.

Track 6Second scene unobserved

Same electro-acoustic music as "Scene Unobserved" but for live performance with single wind, string, percussion, and piano.


Track 7 The visitation

Adapted from "Scene Unobserved."


Track 8 – Boghosian's piece

a.k.a. "Hommage to Orpheus" originally composed to accompany sculpture by Varujan Boghosian.


Track 9 - C.C.C.P.: In Memoriam Anatoly Kuznetsov

Bregman Electronic Music Studio. Source material from old Russian recordings and BBC interviews.


Track 10Hommage to G.R.M.

Bregman Electronic Music Studio. The composer's only work using exclusively sounds from a Moog III synthesizer. GRM refers to the Groupe de Recherches Musicale in Paris, France.


Track 11 Newark Airport Rock

Source material of interviews conducted at the Newark Airport with Moog synthesizer background.


Track 12 – Times Square times ten

Bregman Electronic Music Studio. Tape piece using source material collected in New York City.