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American Dreamer: Heart Songs

Albany Records

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play Beautiful Dreamer 3:07 Stephen Foster    
play Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always 5:40 Stephen Foster    
play If You've Only Got a Moustache 1:31 Stephen Foster    
play A Memory 1:51 Rudolph Ganz    
play When Your Hair Is Like The Snow 4:23 Scott Joplin    
play The Sleep That Flits On Baby's Eyes 3:23 John Alden Carpenter    
play The Dodger 2:23 Aaron Copland    
play Long Time Ago 2:34 Aaron Copland    
play Memories, A,-Very Pleasant, B,-Rather Sad 2:51 Charles Ives    
play Songs My Mother Taught Me 2:21 Charles Ives    
play The Circus Band 2:02 Charles Ives    
play Here Comes the Ballad 3:50 Carl Davis    
play Are You Love? 3:19 Sigmund Romberg    
play My House 2:11 Leonard Bernstein    
play Dream With Me 4:14 Leonard Bernstein    
play All The Things You Are 4:04 Jerome Kern    
play One Moment Alone 3:24 Jerome Kern    
play The First Rose of Summer 3:03 Jerome Kern    
play Why Was I Born? 3:21 Jerome Kern    
play Someone To Watch Over Me 3:24 George Gershwin    
play You Are You 3:26 George Gershwin    
play I Got Rhythm 1:54 George Gershwin    
play Blah, Blah, Blah 3:07 George Gershwin