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American Vernacular

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play Spectacular Vernaculars 10:17 Mark Olivieri    

play Spectacular Vernaculars: I. Buenas Noches, Buenos Aires 3:24 Mark Olivieri    
hommage à Alberto Ginastera
play Spectacular Vernaculars: II. Stella by Sunlight 2:50 Mark Olivieri    
hommage à Billie Holiday
play Spectacular Vernaculars: III. Stakes is Higher 4:01 Mark Olivieri    
hommage à Ahmad Jamal and De La Soul
play Occidental Psalmody 8:34 Ethan Wickman    

play On the Drawing of Constellations 6:49 Ben Hjertmann    

play Bill·ytude 4:48 Joel Puckett    

play Piano Miniature #10 “Liberace” 1:11 Mohammed Fairouz    

play Piano Miniature #12 3:27 Mohammed Fairouz    

play Piano Miniature #13 “America never was America to me” 3:51 Mohammed Fairouz    

play Beloved 5:41 David Maslanka    

play Back Porch Requiem for John Fahey 7:58 Luke Gullickson    

play Playin’ and Prayin’ 6:42 John Griffin    

play Southern Prelude 7:04 William Price    

play Hotfingers 10:19 David Rakowski    

play Hotfingers: I. Superfractalistic 2:57 David Rakowski    

play Hotfingers: II. Growing Season Blues 4:15 David Rakowski    

play Hotfingers: III. Écoutez et Répétez 3:07 David Rakowski