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Visions In Metaphor

Albany Records

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play Postmark 2:38 John Adams    
(from Fearful Symmetries)
play Accompanied recitative 1:59 Milton Babbitt    
play Postcard from Home 3:10 Karel Husa    
play Mirrorrim 2:44 Pauline Oliveros    
play Postcard from Kansas: Welcome to Interstate-70 3:17 William Albright    
play Pensive Soliloquy 5:27 Samuel Adler    
play Continuum (Postscript '97) 1:28 Marilyn Shrude    
play Memo 6 9:53 Bernard Rands    
play Visions in Metaphor 6:36 Marilyn Shrude    
play Facades 7:18 Philip Glass    
play Wings 9:38 Joan Tower    
play Élégie et Rondeau 8:29 Karel Husa