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Anna Priscilla Risher
American Discoveries

Aldolph M. Foerster
American Romance

Daniel Gregory Mason
Rawlins Piano Trio

Samuel Adler
Three American Piano Trios
albums (4) works (13) tracks (52)
title composer artists/ensemble play
American Discoveries Anna Priscilla Risher Marie-Elaine Gagnon, cello; Susan Keith Gray, piano; The Rawlins Piano Trio; John Thomson, violin play
American Romance Aldolph M. Foerster Susan Keith Gray, piano; Richard Rognstad, cello; John Thomson, violin; The Rawlins Piano Trio play
Rawlins Piano Trio Daniel Gregory Mason The Rawlins Piano Trio; Susan Keith Gray, piano; John Thomson, violin; Richard Rognstad, cello play
Three American Piano Trios Samuel Adler Richard Rognstad, cello; The Rawlins Piano Trio; David C. Neely, violin; Dennis Ondrozeck, piano play
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