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Pogus Productions is the brainchild of Al Margolis, a.k.a. If, Bwana and former founder of the Sound of Pigs cassette label. Releases concentrate on electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music that is “uncompromising, non-commercial and definitely not for everyone (unfortunately).” Besides being the primary outlet for If, Bwana’s recordings, Pogus has released important works by Annea Lockwood, David Dunn, David Rosenboom, Kenneth Gaburo and Pauline Oliveros ranging from modern chamber music to live electronics to tape collage pieces.

Suggested Listening

Kenneth Gaburo
Kenneth Gaburo - Tape Play

Al Margolis
If, Bwana - I, Angelica

Annea Lockwood
Annea Lockwood: Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World

Recently Added Albums

K.T. Toeplitz
K.T. Toeplitz: Amas

Enzo Minarelli
Enzo Minarelli: Phonosensitivity

David Rosenboom
David Rosenboom: Zones of Influence

Yiorgis Sakellariou
Yiorgis Sakellariou: Silentium

Aliona Yurtsevich
Aliona Yurtsevich: In The Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea

Al Margolis
Marta Sainz and If, Bwana: Sable