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Fire In My Bones
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Fire In My Bones Rev. Lonnie Farris, voice; Elder Charles D. Beck, voice; Rev. Anderson Johnson, voice; The Phillips' Specials; Sister Ola Mae Terrell, voice; Elder Roma Wilson & Family; Rev. Robert Ballinger, voice; Madison County Senior Center Singers; Precious Bryant, voice; Rev. Roger L. Worthy and his sister Bonnie Woodstock; Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago; Rev. Stewart and Family; Two Gospel Keys; Snooks Eaglin, voice; Sister Mathews, voice; Nathaniel Rivers, voice; Laura Rivers, voice; Georgia Fife & Drum Band; Mississippi Nightingales; Elder and Sister Brinson and the Brinson Brothers; The Holmes Sisters; Lucille Barbee, voice; George Shields and His Gospel Singers; Singing Son of Zion; Isaiah Owens, voice; Henry Green, voice; Brother Willie Blue, voice; SC Golden Stars of Greenwood; Napolian Strickland, voice; Grant & Ella; Shaw Singers; Rev. Utah Smith, voice; Ray Branch, voice; Professor Johnson and His Gospel Singers; Sister Goldia Haynes, voice; Rayborn Brothers Quintet; Abraham Brothers; Hickory Bottom Harmoneers; Sisters of Song; Marie Knight, voice; Joe Townsend, voice; Willie Mae Williams, voice; Flora Molton, voice; Rev. G.W. Killens and Mt. Calvary Congregation; Robert Brown and the Sons of the South; The Radio Four; Abner Jay, voice; Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church Congregation; Gospel Writers; Andy Mosely and Hogman Maxey; Fannie Bell Chapman, voice; Rev. Louis Overstreet, voice; True Loving Five; Boyd Rivers, voice; Brother and Sister W.B. Grate; Ike Gordon, voice; Reverend Billy H Grady, voice; Williamette Gospel Singers; Sensational Skylights; Brother Willie Eason and his Gospel Guitar; Helen McGiver and the McGiver Sisters; B.C. Harmonizers; Bible Aires Spiritual Singers; Lula Collins, voice; Little Ax & the Golden Echoes; Bishop McDaniel, voice; John Boswell and the True Sounding Boswellettes; Leon Pinson, voice; Rev. John Wilkins, voice; E.L. Burtis, voice; Elizabeth Phillips, voice; Rev. Charles White, voice; Isaac Haney and the Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir; Professor James Earle Hines and his Goodwill Singers; Madam Ira Mae Littlejohn, voice; Elder Samuel Patterson and the Christian Crusaders; Straight Street Holiness Group; Mosby Family Singers; Bishop Perry Tillis, voice; Theotis Taylor, voice play
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