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Close to Home

Music of American Composers

Albany Records

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play Sonata 10:45 Leonard Bernstein    
play Sonata: I. Grazioso 3:48 Leonard Bernstein    
play Sonata: II. Andantino-Vivace e leggiero 6:57 Leonard Bernstein    
play Nocturne 6:13 Jeanne Singer    
play Rrowzer! 8:32 Eric Mandat    
play Sonatine 8:04 Valerie Coleman    
play Sonata 19:38 Aaron Copland    
play Sonata: I. Andante semplice-Allegro 7:42 Aaron Copland    
play Sonata: II. Lento 4:57 Aaron Copland    
play Sonata: III. Allegretto giusto 6:58 Aaron Copland    
play New York Counterpoint 11:06 Steve Reich