Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: Songs of World Wars I & II

New World Records

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This album is not approved for streaming, but some tracks are available as samples.
play When The Lusitania Went Down 3:03 Charles McCarron; Nat Vincent    
Herbert Stuart

play I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier 3:01 Alfred Bryan; Al Piantadosi    
Morton Harvey

play Let's All Be Americans Now 3:02 Edgar Leslie; George W. Meyer; Irving Berlin    
American Quartet

play Over There 2:58 George M. Cohan    
Nora Bayes

play Hello, Central! Give Me No Man's Land 3:21 Sam M. Lewis; Jean Schwartz; Joe Young    
Al Jolson

play There's A Vacant Chair In Every Home Tonight 2:55 Alfred Bryan; Ernest Breuer    
Shannon Four

play I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now 2:45 Irving Berlin    
Al Jolson

play My Dream of the Big Parade 3:29 Jimmy McHugh; Al Dubin    
Peerless Quartet

play Der Fuehrer's Face 2:40 Oliver Wallace    
play He's 1-A in the Army and He's A-1 in My Heart 3:08 Redd Evans    
Betty Bonney; Les Brown

play Stalin Wasn't Stallin' 3:10 Willie Johnson    

play We Did It Before And We Can Do It Again 2:27 Cliff Friend    
Dick Robertson

play I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen 2:41 Irving Berlin    
Kenny Baker

play Goodbye, Mama 2:40 J. Fred Coots    
Dick Robertson

play No Love, No Nothin' 3:00 Harry Warren    
play Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition 2:34 Frank Loesser    
Kay Kyser

play My Guy's Come Back 3:00 Mel Powell    
Helen Forrest