White Spirituals From the Sacred Harp

New World Records
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unavailable Sherburne Daniel Read    

unavailable David's Lamentation William Billings    

unavailable Melancholy Day H. S. Rees    

unavailable Soar Away A.M. Cagle    

unavailable Commentary John Smith    

unavailable Wondrous Love Anon.    

unavailable Traveling On S. M. Denson; J.S. James    

unavailable New Harmony M.L.A. Lancaster    

unavailable Hallelujah William Walker    

unavailable Prayer for Recess Unknown    

unavailable Loving Jesus B.F. White    

unavailable Greenwich Daniel Read    

unavailable Milford James Stephenson    

unavailable Baptismal Anthem B.F. White    

unavailable Amsterdam James Nares    

unavailable Montgomery David Morgan    

unavailable North Port R. Osborne    

unavailable Memorial Service Unknown    

unavailable Cusseta John Massengale    

unavailable The Last Words Of Copernicus Sarah Lancaster    

unavailable The Morning Trumpet B.F. White    

unavailable Homeward Bound Howard Denson    

unavailable Closing Prayer Unknown    

unavailable Northfield Jeremiah Ingalls