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William Ferris: Angels-A Miracle Play

Albany Records
William Ferris
vocal, choral

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A miracle play for singers, actors and instruments
Composer Festival Orchestra; William Ferris Chorale; Susan Wolz, "The Heavenly Voice"; Bruce Hall, baritone, "Lucifer and the Snake"; John Vorrasi, voice, "Archangels Michael, Uriel and Gabriel"; Eddie Arruza, "Archangel Raphael"; William Griffel, voice, "Adam"; Sunny Joy Langton, soprano, "Eve and Mary"; Dexter Bailey, organ; Thomas Weisflog, organ

play Angels: [1] At the Gates of Heaven 12:08 William Ferris    
play Angels: [2] In the Garden of Eden 12:46 William Ferris    
play Angels: [3] (Orchestral Interlude) The World Awaits its Savior - Mary at Nazareth 15:05 William Ferris    
play Angels: [4] An Apparition of the Archangel Raphael 4:32 William Ferris    
play Angels: [5] A Heavenly Voice calls the Angelic Hosts - Alleluias 14:32 William Ferris    
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