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Open Space Recordings documents the musical offerings of Open Space Publications and the Open Space Magazine, a forum for artists, writers and composers to publish experimental work. The recordings concentrate heavily on the works of J.K. Randall and Benjamin Boretz and consist mostly of experimental works utilizing electronics or electroacoustic techniques. Most works are performed by the composers, but such new music stalwarts as Harvey Sollberger, Martin Goldray and Margaret Kampmeier make appearances as well.

Suggested Listening

J. K. Randall
Benjamin Boretz/J.K. Randall

J. K. Randall
J.K. Randall-Benjamin Boretz

Steven Mackey

Recently Added Albums

Benjamin Boretz
Boretz/Morris: Quartets

Benjamin Boretz
Benjamin Boretz: Postlude/Downtime/The Memory Of All That

Elliott Carter
Milton Babbitt - A Composers' Memorial

Matthew Barber
Matthew Barber and Christopher Bailey

Benjamin Boretz
Benjamin Boretz: Violin Concerto

Robert Morris
Robert Morris: Rapport