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XI Records was founded by experimental composer Phill Niblock for the promotion of his work and the work of other artists working specifically with sound and acoustics.  XI’s releases tend toward drone and ambient elements. Much of the work of Niblock, Ellen Fullman, Tom Johnson and Eliane Radigue found on the label is more concerned with the micro-elements present in two or more tones interacting than in a more traditional contrapuntal setting. XI also represents many modern New York post-minimalist composers such as Alan Licht, Michael Schumacher, Peter Zummo and David Watson (New Zealander living in New York).

Suggested Listening

Phill Niblock
Philip Niblock - YPGPN

Ellen Fullman
Ellen Fullman - Body Music

David Watson
David Watson: Fingering an Idea

Recently Added Albums

Dan Joseph
Dan Joseph: Electroacoustic works

Ulrich Krieger
Ulrich Krieger: /RAW:ReSpace/

Michael Vincent Waller
Michael Vincent Waller: The South Shore

David Behrman
David Behrman: My Dear Siegfried

Eliane Radigue
Eliane Radigue: Kyema, Intermediate States

Warren Burt
Warren Burt: The Animation of Lists / And the Archytan Transpositions