Configuring DRAM for Proxy Servers



Follow these steps in order to provide remote access to DRAM through EZProxy. Please note there are two URLs involved — one within the .cfg file and another for your remote access page.

When creating permanent links to DRAM content, you may wish to create links that will be passed through the proxy login process, so first-time visitors are automatically logged into DRAM. If your institution uses the "port-based" proxy configuration:

  1. For remote access to DRAM, you must link to:
  2. To link directly to an album:

Newer versions of EZProxy use "wildcard domains" to make linking a little easier. If your institution uses this configuration:

  1. For remote access to DRAM, you must link to:

  2. To link directly to an album:



Innovative Interfaces

  1. Add the following hostname to the WAM forward table, make sure it is the only entry and there are no wild-cards:

    If this single entry does not work properly, at least one subscriber has reported the addition of
    to the WAM forward table sucessfully resolved their "redirect loop" connection issue.
  2. Use the following URL to connect:

  3. Use the following URL to link directly to an album:


ExLibris Central Discovery

Insitutions using ExLibris Central Discovery may need to adjust their proxy stanza in order to acheive the correct flow through to DRAM:

Generic proxies

Generic proxies are known to work with dramonline. Please use the following guidelines as a starting point for your configuration


  • The following hosts must be proxied:


  • The following hosts must bypass the proxy server: 


    Off campus access must be configured to go through your proxy server. To properly set up session cookies you must go to first.