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Concerts by Composers: Julius Eastman Julius Eastman Julius Eastman, voice; David Sabee, cello; Larry Rawdon, cello; Abby Newton, cello; Chase Morrison, cello; Maureen Hynes, cello; Christine Gummere, cello; Julie Green, cello; Barry Gold, cello; Jodi Beder, cello; Julius Eastman, Conductor play
The Holy Presence Of Joan D'Arc Julius Eastman David Sabee, violoncello; Larry Rawdon, violoncello; Abby Newton, violoncello; Chase Morrison, violoncello; Maureen Hynes, violoncello; Christine Gummere, violoncello; Julie Green, violoncello; Barry Gold, violoncello; Sarah Carter, violoncello; Jodi Beder, violoncello; Julius Eastman, Conductor play
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