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An American Mosaic

Albany Records

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play Pretty Sally 2:35 John Powell    
play At the Foot of Yonders Mountain 3:00 John Powell    
play Sonata 8:24 Alan Hovhaness    
play Sonata: Prelude 1:10 Alan Hovhaness    
play Sonata: Cantando 3:01 Alan Hovhaness    
play Sonata: Dance 1:26 Alan Hovhaness    
play Sonata: Lullaby 1:50 Alan Hovhaness    
play Sonata: Andante Dolce :54 Alan Hovhaness    
play Nocturne 10:40 Bruce Campbell    
play Pastorale Scene 3:58 Lamar Stringfield    
play Chipmunks 3:20 Lamar Stringfield    
play To A Wild Rose 1:49 Edward MacDowell    
play Crushed Violets 3:14 Ken Kreuzer    
play Milonga 2:15 Mario Broeders    
play Romanza 2:42 Mario Broeders    
play Simple Things 3:29 Kenya T. Tillery    
play Caprice Terpsichore 3:57 Quinto Maganini    
play Mosaic 3:36 Andrea Stern    
play Rondo 8:47 Timothy Mather Spelman    
play Indian Serenade 3:31 Lamar Stringfield