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Lamar Stringfield
An American Mosaic

David Stanley Smith
American Romantics III

Timothy Dwight Edwards
Double Take: American Reed

John Knowles Paine
Edward MacDowell and Company

Arthur Foote
Love, The Fair Day

Edward MacDowell
Orchestral Music of Edward MacDowell
albums (10) works (6) tracks (45)
title composer artists/ensemble play
An American Mosaic Lamar Stringfield Debra Wendells Cross, flute; Barbara Chapman, harp play
American Romantics III David Stanley Smith Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra; Reuben Blundell, Conductor play
Double Take: American Reed Timothy Dwight Edwards Double Entendre Music Ensemble; Sarah Davol, oboe; Christa Robinson, oboe; Kathryn K. Engelhardt, English horn; Elizabeth K. Scott, English horn; Suzanne Chen, bassoon; Atsuko Sato, bassoon; Sherry Sylar, oboe; Karisa Antonio, oboe; Elizabeth K. Scott, oboe; Kathryn K. Engelhardt, oboe; Marsha Heller, oboe; Sarah Davol, English horn; Dirk Wels, bassoon; Nancy Ranger, oboe; Keith Kreindler, bassoon play
Edward MacDowell and Company John Knowles Paine Malcolm Frager, piano play
Love, The Fair Day Songs & Duets from The Second New England School Arthur Foote Rebecca Sherburn, soprano; Kimberly James, mezzo-soprano; Louise Thomas, piano; Tod Fitzpatrick, baritone; Wei-Wei Le, violin play
Orchestral Music of Edward MacDowell Edward MacDowell Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra; Charles Anthony Johnson, Conductor play
Paul Sperry: Songs of an Innocent Age John Alden Carpenter Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
Skyscrapers Arthur Foote London Symphony Orchestra; Kenneth Klein, Conductor play
Vintage America A Musical Meritage William Mason Eileen Holt Helwig, piccolo; Kathryn Nevin, clarinet; Rachel Berry, horn; Rong-Huey Liu, English horn; Rong-Huey Liu, oboe; Eileen Holt Helwig, flute; Theresa Treuenfels, bassoon; Calico Winds play
When I Have Sung My Songs The American Art Song 1900 - 1940 Edward MacDowell Alma Gluck, soprano; Rosario Bourdon, piano; Johanna Gadski, soprano; (not credited), piano; Emma Eames, soprano; Emilio de Gogorza, baritone; John McCormack, tenor; Edwin Schneider, piano; David Bispham, baritone; Roland Hayes, tenor; Lawrence Brown, piano; Marian Anderson, contralto; Kosti Vehanen, piano; Paul Robeson, baritone; Mary Garden, soprano; Jean H. Dansereau, piano; Eleanor Steber, soprano; James Quillian, piano; Rose Bampton, contralto; Wilfred Pelletier, piano; Povla Frijsch, soprano; Celius Dougherty, piano; Kirsten Flagstad, soprano; Edwin McArthur, piano; Radiana Pazmor, soprano; Genevieve Pitot, piano play
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