DRAM Announces the Dartmouth College Jon Appleton Archive

Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2009

DRAM is pleased to announce the inclusion of its first complete musical archive; that of composer and electronic music pioneer, Jon Appleton. Through an agreement with Dartmouth College, DRAM has been granted exclusive access to this important body of work and is proud to make it accessible to its subscribers and their constituents.

Jon Appleton is best known for his work, in collaboration with Cameron Jones and Sydney Alonso, on the creation of the Synclavier. First released in 1975, the Synclavier was an early sampler and synthesizer that became an influential piece of technology in electronic and pop music.  

The archive does feature a number of works for and live performances on both the Synclavier I and II. All of them are performed by Appleton himself, adding another dimension to this historic body of work. Also included are his early works for tape, including his landmark Times Square Times Ten and Chef D’Ouevre, arguably his most commercially popular composition. There are also a number of compositions that attempt to capture a feeling of place, or travel. Reminiscent of Luc Ferrari’s travel works of the 80s and 90s, Appleton’s Narita Airport Rock and Nyckelharpen Variation are an aural snapshot of Japan and Sweden respectively. Also of note are a number of insightful interviews with the composer and an insightful excerpting of his auto-biography with musical examples.

 Appleton’s work is arranged in “albums”, based on dates of composition. This enables the casual listener to listen to the pieces in more compact sittings, while those researching the composer will be able to gain a feeling of his relative output over the years. To access the Dartmouth College Jon Appleton Archive, please visit the Dartmouth Archive.