DRAM Celebrates New Additions To The Ben Hall Gospel Archive!

Posted on Monday, April 04, 2016


This collection is very different than anything we've ever had in DRAM, and so it bears a paragraph about the way that it is structured.  Because Ben's collection is based on the love of discovery and his desire to share his collection of very rare gospel (see also his website: www.baptizum.com), structuring the pieces in chronological or geographical order seemed unwieldy and antithetical to his spirit.  Therefore, DRAM's own Nate Wooley packaged the massive archive into 33 "albums" of material, meant to be digested at the listener's leisure, in the manner of the vernacular "mix tape".  Therefore, you will find within each album amateur recordings of sermons next to Motown produced R&B gospel next to early 40s vocal quartet music.  This is intended to spark the listener's interest in the collection in general and, hopefully, a hunger for more research into a fascinating micro-genre of collecting.