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Blues Nile Jon Hassell Jon Hassell, trumpet play
Caracas Night September 11, 1975 Jon Hassell Jon Hassell, trumpet; Night Creatures of Altamira; Nana Vasconcelos, congas play
Hex Jon Hassell Miguel Frasconi, bells; Nicolas Kilbourn, talking drum; Jon Hassell, trumpet; Miguel Frasconi, claves; William Winant; Nana Vasconcelos, shakers; David Rosenboom, rattle; Nicolas Kilbourn, mbira; William Winant, rattle; Jon Hassell, Fender-Rhodes piano play
Toucan Ocean Jon Hassell Jon Hassell, Fender-Rhodes piano; Nana Vasconcelos, congas; Nana Vasconcelos, shakers; Jon Hassell, trumpet play
Vernal Equinox Jon Hassell David Rosenboom, dumbek; Jon Hassell, trumpet; David Rosenboom, tabla; Nana Vasconcelos, congas play
Viva Shona Jon Hassell Nana Vasconcelos, bells; Jon Hassell, trumpet; Nana Vasconcelos, talking drum; David Rosenboom, mbira play
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