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Curated by experimental composer/theorist/improvising performer Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Recordings is committed to “music and sound works that transcend cultural boundaries and stretch the mind.” Primarily an outlet for the Deep Listening Institute and Oliveros’ own work, the recordings focus on music involved with Deep Listening, a philosophy and practice developed by Pauline Oliveros that, “distinguishes the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening. The result of the practice cultivates appreciation of sounds on a heightened level, expanding the potential for connection and interaction with one’s environment, technology and performing with others in music and related arts.” The Deep Listening catalog has a concentration on electronic music, drone and free improvisation.

Suggested Listening

George Marsh
Timeless Pulse - Live at CNMAT 2002

Joe McPhee
Unquenchable Fire

Scott Smallwood
Scott Smallwood - Desert Winds: Six Windblown Sound Pieces and Other Works

Recently Added Albums

Johannes Welsch
Johannes Welsch: Sound Creation

Kristin Norderval
Kristin Norderval: Aural Histories

Andrew Deutsch
Oliveros/Deutsch: Springs

Stephan Moore
Stephan Moore: to build a field

Nego Gato
Nego Gato – Baiano in New York

Geoff Gersh
Geoff Gersh: Masses