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Miya Masaoka

Pauline Oliveros
Carrier Band - Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody

Dana Reason
Dana Reason - Primal Identity

Urs Leimgruber
Deep Listening Band - Tosca Salad

Pauline Oliveros
Dreaming Wide Awake

Scott Smallwood
Evidence - Out of Town
albums (34) works (9) tracks (254)
title composer artists/ensemble play
Accordion/Koto Miya Masaoka Miya Masaoka, koto; Pauline Oliveros, accordion play
Brown/Oliveros: Music in the Air Chris Brown Chris Brown, piano; Chris Brown, live processing; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Pauline Oliveros, conch shell; Pauline Oliveros, percussion; Pauline Oliveros, EIS (expanded instrument system) play
Carrier Band - Automatic Inscription of Speech Melody Pauline Oliveros Pauline Oliveros, electronics; Andrew Deutsch, electronics; Peer Bode, electronics; Dick Robinson, electronics play
Carrier Band: Voice Coil Pauline Oliveros Pauline Oliveros, EIS (expanded instrument system); Peter Bode, Bode Vocoder; Andrew Deutsch, field recordings; Stephen Vitiello, electronics play
Dana Reason - Primal Identity Dana Reason Dana Reason, piano; Philip Gelb, shakuhachi play
Deep Listening Band - Tosca Salad Urs Leimgruber Ben Neill, mutantrumpet; Fritz Hauser, percussion; Joe Giardullo, flute; Joe Giardullo, bass clarinet; Joe McPhee, saxophone; Urs Leimgruber, tenor saxophone; Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Stuart Dempster, garden hose; Stuart Dempster, didjeridu; Pauline Oliveros, just-tuned accordion; Pauline Oliveros, electronics; Pauline Oliveros, French horn; David Gamper, just-tuned piano; David Gamper, organ; David Gamper, electronics; Stuart Dempster, electronics; Julie Lyon Rose, voice; Ellen Fullman, long string instrument; Nigel Jacobs, long string instrument; Elise Gould, long string instrument; Deep Listening Band play
Dreaming Wide Awake Pauline Oliveros Monique Buzzarté, conch shell; Monique Buzzarté, didjeridu; Kristin Norderval, soprano; Rosi Hertlein, voice; Rosi Hertlein, violin; Susie Ibarra, percussion; Monique Buzzarté, trombone; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; New Circle Five play
Evidence - Out of Town Scott Smallwood play
Evidence: Iris Scott Smallwood Scott Smallwood, electronics; Stephan Moore, electronics play
Fish Love That Neil Rolnick Steve Rust, bass; Dean Sharp, drums; Ron Horton, trumpet; Andrew Sterman, tenor saxophone; Andrew Sterman, bass flute; Andrew Sterman, flute; Todd Reynolds, violin; Neil Rolnick, keyboard; Fish Love That play
Fluctuations Monique Buzzarté Monique Buzzarté, trombone; Ellen Fullman, long string instrument play
Fritz Hauser: Deep Time Fritz Hauser Urs Leimgruber, soprano saxophone; David Gamper; Urs Leimgruber, tenor saxophone; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Fritz Hauser, percussion; Pauline Oliveros play
Geoff Gersh: Masses Geoff Gersh Matt Hankle, percussion; Geoff Gersh play
Geoff Gersh: These Predicaments Geoff Gersh Geoff Gersh, guitar; Geoff Gersh, electronics; Geoff Gersh, field recordings play
Holding Patterns Kristin Norderval Barbara Barg, spoken word; Monique Buzzarté, electronic processing; Kristin Norderval, laptop; Monique Buzzarté, trombone; Kristin Norderval, voice; Zanana play
Joe McPhee Quintet - Common Threads Joe McPhee Loren Dempster, cello; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Michael Bisio, bass; Eyvind Kang, erhu; Joe McPhee, pocket trumpet; Joe McPhee, soprano saxophone; Joe McPhee, tenor saxophone; Eyvind Kang, violin; Stuart Dempster, didjeridu play
Joel Chadabe - After Some Songs Joel Chadabe Jan Williams, percussion; Reto Weber, udu; Bruno Spoerri, saxophone; Joel Chadabe, electronics; Reto Weber, djembe play
Johannes Welsch: Sound Creation Johannes Welsch Johannes Welsch, gongs play
Jonas Braasch: Global Reflections Jonas Braasch Jonas Braasch, pre-recorded sound; Jonas Braasch, soprano saxophone; Jonas Braasch, Moog bass; Jonas Braasch, electronic processing play
Kristin Norderval: Aural Histories Kristin Norderval Kristin Norderval, voice; Kristin Norderval, electronics play
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