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Einstein Records' world of sound, like the aesthetic of the time, is no singular style, but offers the output of a community built around Jim Staley, namely Staley's collaborators within the New York Downtown scene, such as John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Elliott Sharp and Shelley Hirsch; as well as his cohorts that shared time, space and blossoming musical ideas from the University of Illinois, including Morgan Powell, Michael Kowalski and others from a collective known as the Tone Road Ramblers.

Anything was a potential avenue for musical exploration, and any source materials and sound making devices (electronic, classical, rock/pop, non-musical) were considered usable, even “dirty” amalgams of various styles and degraded samples. Roulette was a crucial venue for this burgeoning community, and Einstein documents the growth of those musicians, and furthermore the world of composer-trombonist and Roulette Director Jim Staley.

Suggested Listening

Denman Maroney
A Confederacy of Dances Vol. 2

Elliot Sharp
Jim Staley: Northern Dancer

John Fonville
Tone Road Ramblers: The Ragdale Years

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John Fonville
Dancing with The Ramblers

Morgan Powell
Morgan Powell: The Common Root

Phoebe Legere
Phoebe Legere: Blue Curtain

John Fonville
John Fonville: Living in Fire

Morgan Powell
Morgan Powell: Orphans On The Road