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George Perle
The New American Scene III

Donald Martino
Salvatore Martirano: Mass/Donald Martino: Seven Pious Pieces

Salvatore Martirano
Salvatore Martirano: O, O, O, O, That Shakespeherian Rag

Brian Ferneyhough
Temporal Details

Erik Lund
Tone Road Ramblers: Intersections and Detours
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Contemporary Music From the University of Iowa Dennis Riley Jon English, bass trombone; James Avery, piano; Charles West, bass clarinet; William Parsons, percussion; Robert Strava, violin; Motter Forman, harp; Patrick Purswell, flute; William Hibbard, toy piano; James Avery, celesta; Candace Nightbay, soprano; Carolyn Berdahl, cello; William Hibbard, Conductor; Andreas Marchand, piano; Betty Bang Mather, alto flute; William Hibbard, viola; Betty Bang Mather, piccolo play
Martirano/Rochberg George Rochberg Max Neuhaus, percussion; Janice Harsanyi, soprano; Irwin Eisenberg, violin; Veda Reynolds, violin; Charles Brennand, cello; Alan Iglitzin, viola; Philadelphia String Quartet; Arthur Bloom, clarinet; Fred Mills, trumpet; Princeton Chamber Singers; James Thompson, trombone; David Walter, bass; Raymond Beckenstein, saxophone; Thomas Hilbish, Conductor play
The New American Scene III George Perle Edwin London, Conductor; Cleveland Chamber Symphony play
Salvatore Martirano: Mass/Donald Martino: Seven Pious Pieces Donald Martino John Oliver, Conductor; Edwin London, Conductor; The Ineluctable Modality; John Oliver Chorale play
Salvatore Martirano: O, O, O, O, That Shakespeherian Rag Salvatore Martirano John Garvey, viola; Dorothy Martirano, violin; Arthur Maddox, celesta; Howard Smith, contra-alto clarinet; Lee Duckles, cello; Rick Kvistad, marimba; Thomas Fredrickson, bass; Thomas Howell, flute; Ronald Dewar, bass clarinet; Donald Smith, voice; Jacqueline Bobak, soprano; J. Robert Floyd, piano; Vicki Ray, piano; Marilyn Nonken, piano; Morgan Powell, trombone; University of Illinois Chamber Choir and Madrigal Singers play
Temporal Details Brian Ferneyhough John Fonville, flute; Virginia Gaburo, piano; John Fonville, piccolo; John Fonville, bass flute; Salvatore Martirano, yamaSALma MAC MIDI orchestra; Anne LaBerge, flute play
Tone Road Ramblers: Intersections and Detours Erik Lund Tone Road Ramblers; Michael Udow, percussion; Morgan Powell, trombone; Ray Sasaki, trumpet; Steve Butters, percussion; Jim Staley, trombone; John Fonville, flute; Eric Mandat, clarinet play
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