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Peter Garland
The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue
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The Complete 10-Inch Series from Cold Blue Peter Garland Ronald Erickson, violin; Chas Smith, 12-string dobro; Rick Cox, prepared electric guitar; Marty Walker, clarinet; Joanne Christensen, voice; Joanne Christensen, keyboard; Arlene Dunlap, voice; Arlene Dunlap, keyboard; Richard Dunlap, voice; Richard Dunlap, keyboard; Garry Eister, voice; Garry Eister, keyboard; Daniel Lentz; Chas Smith, pedal steel guitar; Rick Cox, voice; John Tenney, violin; Peter Garland, gourd rattles; Erika Duke Kirkpatrick, cello; Duncan Goodrich, piano; Michael Jon Fink, piano; Susan Rawcliffe; Lisette Rabinow; Georgia Alwan; Scott Wilkinson; Read Miller, voice; Janyce Collins, voice play
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