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Butterfly Dance: Music by Americans

Albany Records

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play Butterfly Dance 8:35 David Gompper    

play Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano 8:43 Noel Zahler    

play Secrets 13:23 Marilyn Shrude    

play Secrets: I 4:54 Marilyn Shrude    

play Secrets: II 2:53 Marilyn Shrude    

play Secrets: III 5:34 Marilyn Shrude    

play The Waves Roll On, Thundering and Shimmering 14:20 Joseph Dangerfield    

play Vox Balaenae 20:22 George Crumb    

play I. Vocalise (…for the beginning of time) 4:32 George Crumb    

play II. Variations on Sea Time 2:13 George Crumb    

play III. Archeozoic (Var. I) 1:26 George Crumb    

play IV. Proterozoic (Var. II) 2:13 George Crumb    

play V. Paleozoic (Var. III) :57 George Crumb    

play VI. Mesozoic (Var. IV) 1:16 George Crumb    

play VII. Cenozoic (Var. V) 2:10 George Crumb    

play VIII. Sea-Nocturne (…for the end of time) 5:31 George Crumb