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For Your Delight...


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play For Your Delight 3:01 Richard Hundley    

play Oh, You Whom I Often And Silently Come :29 Ned Rorem    

play Maiden Snow 2:16 Richard Hundley    

play Lyric 4 1:53 Chris DeBlasio    

play Holy Thursday 2:36 Daron Hagen    

play Johnny 3:33 Paul Boesing    

play Heart Does Not Care 1:50 Chris DeBlasio    

play I Miss Him 2:47 Scott Murphy    

play Will There Really Be A Morning 4:33 Ricky Ian Gordon    

play Amor De Guerra 3:34 Robert Moran    

play As I Walked Out One Evening 4:53 Paul Boesing    

play Daybreak In Alabama 2:39 Donald Ashwander    

play Deer In Mists And Almonds 4:50 Tom Cipullo    

play Possums 3:16 Donald Ashwander    

play Litany 3:02 John Musto    

play Gotham Blues 4:16 Meredith Monk    

play Night Song 1:11 Meredith Monk    

play Gotham Lullaby 4:22 Meredith Monk    

play Horse With Wings 2:57 Ricky Ian Gordon    

play Come Ready And See Me 2:23 Richard Hundley