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Richard Hundley
For Your Delight...

John Musto
I dwell in Possibility

Tibor Harsanyi

John Musto
John Musto: Later the Same Evening

John Musto
New American Soloists

Lee Hoiby
Patrice Michaels: American Songs
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title composer artists/ensemble play
For Your Delight... Richard Hundley Harry Huff, piano; Tom Bogdan, voice play
I dwell in Possibility John Musto Cherie Caluda, soprano; John Musto, piano; Larry Alan Smith, piano; Juliana Hall, piano play
Intersection Jazz Meets Classical Song Tibor Harsanyi Patrice Michaels, soprano; Kuang-Hao Huang, piano; Zach Brock, violin; Nicholas Photinos, cello; Patrice Michaels, piano; Dedé Sampaio, percussion play
John Musto: Later the Same Evening John Musto Manhattan School of Music Opera Theater; Meredith Mecum; Rogelio Peñaverde; Zach Altman; Carla Jablonski; Blake Friedman; Lindsay Rider; Dan Kempson; Mia Won Shin; Margaret Peterson; Michael Barrett, Conductor; Jaclyn Bermudez; Spencer Dorn; Manhattan School of Music Opera Orchestra play
New American Soloists John Musto Edwin London, Conductor; Laurel Russell, violin; Marlene Rosen, soprano; Cleveland Chamber Symphony; Paul Sperry, tenor play
Patrice Michaels: American Songs Lee Hoiby Matthew Duvall, percussion; Elizabeth Buccheri, piano; Patrice Michaels, soprano play
Paul Sperry Sings An American Sampler Ned Rorem Irma Vallecillo, piano; Paul Sperry, tenor play
Southerly: Art Songs of the American South James Sclater Jos Milton, tenor; Melinda Coffey Armstead, piano play
Thomson/Bowlesl/Hoiby/ Hundley/Musto/Klein: Songs John Musto William Sharp, baritone; Steven Blier, piano play
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