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Abbie Betinis
Songs Of Smaller Creatures

Michael Engelhardt
Veiled Light
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Songs Of Smaller Creatures and Other American Choral Works Abbie Betinis Grant Park Chorus; Hanna Dixon, soprano; Christopher Bell, Conductor; Susan Nelson, soprano; Peter Sovitsky, tenor; Amy Conn, soprano; Katherine Gray Noon, soprano; Hoss Brock, tenor play
Veiled Light Michael Engelhardt Miami University Men's Glee Club; Jeremy D. Jones, Conductor; Christopher Smith, tenor; Joe Atkinson, percussion; Daniel Brinson, percussion; Patrick Schoeppner, percussion; David Watkins, percussion; Pansy Chang, cello; Tommy Wessendarp, tenor; Loren Reash-Henz, baritone; William Buchsbaum, piano; Nathan Lombardi, tenor; Chris Paulus, tenor play
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