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Antiphony III (Pearl-white moments) Kenneth Gaburo Rosalind Powell, voice; Kenneth Gaburo, Conductor; Richard Hanson, voice; Albert Hughes, voice; Bonnie Barnett, voice; Jean Geil, voice; David Barron, voice; William Brooks, voice; Marcia Swengel, voice; New Music Choral Ensemble; Philip Larson, voice; Brian Winter, voice; Miriam Barndt, voice; Janet Pummill, voice; Lawrence Weller, voice; Shirley Panish, voice; Douglas Pummill, voice; Barbara Dalheim, voice play
Antiphony IV (Poised) Kenneth Gaburo Barbara Dalheim, voice; University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players; Thomas Howell, piccolo; Thomas Fredrickson, double bass; James Fulkerson, bass trombone; Kenneth Gaburo, Conductor play
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