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Ben Hall Gospel Archive Album 66

Ben Hall Gospel Archive

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play Fill My Cup 4:06 Unknown    
play There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere 2:26 Unknown    
Brother Joe May

play I Got Heaven On My Mind 2:35 Unknown    
play 'Don''t Blame The Children' 2:12 Unknown    
Gospel Six

play God Is In The Blessing Business 3:00 Unknown    
play Biblical History of Moses 2:29 Unknown    
Morning Echoes

play More Fools Needed 10:34 Unknown    
Rev. C.L. Moore, voice

play I Love The Lord Part 1 3:07 Unknown    
Rev. Thomas King, voice

play Mighty Clouds 2:01 Unknown    
Simpson Records

play Sing On 4:13 Unknown    
play Breathe On Me 3:31 Unknown    
The Duncanaires