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Lovely Music

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play Mosquito Love 5:48 Sam Ashley    

play Attunement 4:27 David Rosenboom    

play Via Dolorita, Street Of Sorrows, Street Of Sighs 4:08 Joan La Barbara    

play Don't Get Your Hopes Up 6:34 Robert Ashley    

play Short Subject 2:29 George Manupelli    

play Profile 6:57 Jacqueline Humbert    

play Listen...! 4:31 James Tenney    

play A Pregnant Pause 2:28 Larry Polansky    

play Lullaby 4:45 Alvin Lucier    

play Peace Piece 7:23 Gustavo Matamoros    

play Empty Words 3:10 Robert Ashley    

play Grace 2:40 Katrina Krimsky    

play Adieu 3:30 David Rosenboom; Jacqueline Humbert    

play Oasis In The Air 6:03 David Rosenboom; Jacqueline Humbert