Let's Get Loose: Folk and Popular Blues Styles from the Beginnings to the Early 1940s

New World Records

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play Peach Tree Blues 2:48 Yank Rachell    
play Brownskin Woman 3:25    
play Violin Blues 3:21    
Johnson Boys

play What's the Matter Now 3:16 Traditional    
play Yodeling Blues 3:00    
Buck Mountain Band

play Doggone My Good-Luck Soul 3:11    
play Let's Get Loose 2:44    
play Nigger Blues 2:58 Leroy “Lasses” White    
George O'Connor, voice

play Dad's Ole Mule 3:17 Effie Tyus; Charles Tyus    
play Keep It Clean 3:28    
play Blue Night Blues 2:57 Leroy Carr    
play House Lady Blues 2:57    
play I'm Cuttin' Out 2:40 Herb Morand; Wilber “Joe” McCoy    
Harlem Hamfats

play Deep Blue Sea Blues 3:01 Tommy McClennan    
play Love Me, Baby 3:23 Sonny Boy Williamson    
play My Buddy Blues 2:46 Eugene Gilmore    
Five Breezes